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Now that you’ve finally said your ‘I do’ in front of everyone and the big day is over, what will you do with your wedding dress? Are you just going to leave it hanging in your closet? Or perhaps, just stuff it into a storage box until someone (probably your daughter or granddaughter) will wear it for their wedding day?

The truth is – nothing good comes out of wedding gowns that are simply washed for the sake of washing. It can ruin the fabric and cause the embellishments to fall off. On the other hand, getting your wedding dress cleaned at a professional dry cleaning company makes all the difference in preserving the elegance of its intricate design and extremely delicate fabrics. 

For exceptional wedding gown preservation and cleaning services in Wichita, Kansas, call In The Bag Cleaners today! Your wedding dress is guaranteed safe with our proven cleaning and preservation process and in the many decades we’ve been in the dry cleaning industry, we’ve never had a dress lost or damaged.  

Wedding Dress Preservation and Cleaning: Choosing the Right Service

Wedding dress cleaning and preservation are two different processes that professional dry cleaners use. Both are critical to keeping your gown in excellent condition for years to come, but they serve different purposes.

To help you decide which one will serve your needs best, let’s see what each service offers:

Wedding Dress Cleaning

Whether it’s champagne, dirt, cake icing, body oils, or makeup, either of these can stain your dress after the celebration. If you don’t wash your dress afterward, it will likely fade or yellow. Here is where a wedding dress cleaning becomes crucial.

Wedding dress cleaning is the process of removing visible and invisible stains from your dress. It involves treating each stain with a specialized solution that is safe for your gown’s fabric, color, and embellishments.

Working with a professional wedding dress cleaner offers you access to fabric care equipment that can restore your gown’s glamour. Besides, you can count on their experience to identify and remove hidden stains.

Some gown specialists use the wet cleaning method, which entails hand washing the gown by hand with gentle cleansers. Other companies use a more traditional dry cleaning method, which involves pretreating the stains and then placing the garment in a dry cleaning machine. 

Wedding Dress Preservation

Wedding gown preservation entails storing your gown in a preservation box to protect them from yellowing, fading, and damage caused by time, light, and moisture. However, be reminded that cleaning wedding dresses is the single most important part of the preservation process. Once a preserved dress is sealed and stored without cleaning it first, it defeats the whole purpose of restoring it in the first place. 

To properly preserve your wedding gown, choose a location with a stable climate and no temperature or humidity changes. Moreover, never store it in attics or damp basements, and keep it out of direct sunlight.

Why Choose Us For All Your Wedding Gown Preservation and Cleaning Needs in Wichita, KS

Wedding dresses are delicate pieces of clothing that require cautious handling. They’re made from fancy materials that you don’t wear on a typical day. They also come with a lot of embellishments, which could get ruined if you just entrust them to less experienced wedding gown cleaners. 

So since the preservation and cleaning of wedding dresses require a specialized assessment and a unique treatment plan, it’s best to leave the job to our professionals at In The Bag Cleaners.

  • We’ve invested in advanced equipment needed to clean delicate wedding gowns.
  • We have centralized production for unmatched quality control.
  • We have 12 city-wide convenient locations, many with drive-thrus.
  • We have dedicated team members and friendly store managers.
  • We give out special plans and offers on selected items and services to help lower your bills.
  • We have an experienced production team providing specialized care for your garments and household items.

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