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Leather products are made of natural animal skins and furs that have long been prized for their prestigious luxury and rugged elegance. From handbags and purses to shoes, coats, and even leather furniture, these products are easily a crowd’s favorite because of how luxurious and durable they are.  

However, just because leather is famed for its extremely durable quality doesn’t mean it isn’t susceptible to weathering and depletion over time. Because of its fine grain and thinness, it is nonetheless prone to stains, scratches, and wrinkles. So, if you want your leather garments to last, you’ll need a professional leather cleaning service to maintain their quality.

If you’re looking for the most reputable leather cleaning experts in Wichita, Kansas, In The Bag Cleaners is the company to call! We have certified leather specialists who can evaluate your suede garments and leather items and recommend the best treatment option based on their condition. 

Types of Leather Items We Clean and Restore

While some leather cleaners specialize in leather upholstery and furniture, In The Bag Cleaners on the other hand is an expert in handling the following types of leather items:

1. Leather Handbags 

The high price tag of leather bags does not exempt them from a splash of pasta sauce or a smudge of lipstick. In such a case, using the correct technique will also assure you don’t damage your precious bag, something that a professional leather cleaner here at In The Bag Cleaners can certainly do.

2. Leather Purses

Having a collection of leather purses that you rotate out by occasion, season, or outfit means they can be prone to everyday wear, spills, and stains. They’re also prone to molds, scuffs, and water damage. So it’s unarguably a good idea to have your leather purse cleaned only by a professional leather cleaning service. 

3. Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are classic and fashionable, and they may last for decades with the right care and upkeep. Whether you’re looking to freshen up an old one or simply want to keep your current one in tip-top shape, In The Bag Cleaners is always up to the task.

4. Leather Shoes

Stain-causing elements like dirt and mud can dry out your shoes’ material and degrade the stitching and seams. So to keep your premium leather shoes and boots looking their best, have a regular cleaning schedule for them right here with us at In The Bag Cleaners.

5. Other Items 

Apart from cleaning leather goods and apparel, we also do suede cleaning and stain removal of fur coats, and other fur-made products. 

Get The Best Care For Your Leather Items Only Here at In The Bag Cleaners!

Each leather garment is unique and thereby needs a bespoke treatment. Considering as well that leather, suede, and fur are the most delicate materials, attempting to do the job on your own may not be a good idea.

Not quite sure about the best way to clean your leather items? Get them all cleaned only here at In The Bag Cleaners in Wichita, KS. Whether it’s stain removal, cleaning, re-coloration, or nourishing treatment, our leather cleaning experts have the patience and expertise to successfully carry them all out.

We also offer wedding gown cleaning and preservation, dry cleaning and laundry services, clothing alterations and repair, area rug cleaning, and more!

Visit any of our 12 convenient locations in the Wichita area, or give us a call at 316 267 3407.

Did the dog eat your collar?

We have expert understanding of the fragile nature of leather, fur and suede and the leather cleaning process. We’ve cleaned and rejuvenated thousands of these items over the years, and know you’ll be amazed at how good that old leather jacket or fur coat can look. We also offer fur glazing and off-season storage to help them last for years to come.

So here’s an In The Bag challenge: go deep into your closets to find those well-loved items you’re treating as souvenirs or the only-wear-once-in-a-blue-moon pieces that are dusty from lack of attention. Trust us for your leather cleaning needs and let us make these pieces the stars of your wardrobe, and then make a Friday night date.