VIP Program

You’re the reason we open our doors

Sometimes we get too busy to look for value, to clip a drycleaning coupon or save an In The Bag Cleaners postcard with a special deal or respond to a text, we know that and while we’ll never stop engaging with our clients in as many ways possible to give that value, our VIP Program is a one-time decision that gives you 25 percent off every order every time you walk through In The Bag’s doors.

Our priority is building a long-time relationship with you. Our team is trained to learn your name and preferences. Every garment is uniquely marked with a tiny barcode so there are no tags or pins to damage your garments.

As a VIP Member, you enjoy the convenience of a garment bag you can fill and drop off at any location. Your cleaning preferences are marked on the bag so we won’t delay you with the details every time. You can expect exceptional service, consistent quality and convenience.

If our VIP Service is right for you, we invite you to try it for all your drycleaning needs, from formal attire to your leather, fur and suede items. However you work and play, we love making life a little bit easier.