Top 5 Items You Didn’t Know Could Be Dry Cleaned at In The Bag Cleaners

In The Bag Cleaners boasts 12 locations, all equipped with state-of-the-art dry cleaning machinery and manned by certified experts in garment care. Given this, we’re confident you won’t be surprised to learn we dry clean all types of clothes, no matter the design, fabric material, or level of detailing.

However, our capabilities extend far beyond clothing items and household linens. While you may already trust us with your formal wear, dress shirts, and casual wear, there are several other items you might not have considered as candidates for dry cleaning. That’s why we’re excited to share something special with you in this blog post.

In this post, we reveal the Top 5 Items we also expertly dry clean here at In The Bag Cleaners. Let’s have a closer look at each!

1) Patio Cushions

You did not expect this, right? But yes, we do clean patio cushions! We understand patio cushions, being constantly exposed to the outside elements, can suffer from wear, tear, and stains. And even if they’re in screened areas, they are still exposed to dust, moisture, and pollen, all of which can embed deeply into the fabric.

All these scenarios can make your furniture look dull, tired, and less than inviting. But before you toss your patio cushions into storage at the end of the season, bring them to us for a deep clean. It’ll be like getting new patio furniture every spring!

We specialize in spot cleaning and removing stubborn grease spots that can accumulate over time. Our certified experts will thoroughly assess your patio cushions, identifying any tears or loose ties that need to be resewn. We’ll send your cushions to our alterations team, ensuring they return to you in excellent condition, ready for another season of outdoor enjoyment.

2) Shoes, Boots, and Handbags

We understand if you think our expertise is for fabrics and textiles alone because most dry cleaners are. But In The Bag Cleaners isn’t your average dry cleaner in Wichita, Kansas. We also dry clean shoes, boots, and handbags because we know they’re important to you, and so they deserve the same level of care as your clothing items.

We clean and polish shoes and boots by hand, restoring their shine and giving them a fresh, new look reminiscent of their first wear. For handbags, we go a step further. Not only do we clean them, we also moisturize them to ensure the leather remains soft and durable, almost as if you just picked them out from the store.

3) Pillows

We love our pillows as much as you do, and we firmly believe there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to them. Many have learned the hard way what happens when you try to wash and dry pillows at home—lumpy, uneven, and sometimes even ruined fillings.

We recommend cleaning your pillows alongside your comforters and blankets every three months to significantly reduce allergens in your home. This regular maintenance is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to protect your family’s health and ensure everyone sleeps easier. For those with down pillows, we offer a special service where we sanitize the feathers and replace the cover (ticking), ensuring your pillows remain in top condition.

For those decorative throw pillows that migrate from bedroom to family room and often find themselves under pets or on the floor, we offer a gentle yet effective cleaning solution. We hand clean these pillows using a delicate steam process that not only cleans but also revitalizes their appearance.

4) Drapes and Curtains

Obviously, you can’t just throw your drapes and curtains in a washing machine. At In The Bag Cleaners, we bring nearly two decades of expertise in dry cleaning some of Wichita’s finest window treatments. Whether your style leans towards pleated, lined, or sheer, we have the technology and the touch to make them look as splendid as the day you first hung them.

Our patented “Perfect Pleater” machine ensures each pleat is crisply restored, maintaining the elegant appearance and functionality of your drapes and curtains. This meticulous care extends even to those that have been stored away and are now being brought back to life for a new season or a room redesign.

For oversized drapes or those with special features like rubber backing or delicate linings, our team provides the expert care needed to handle these unique challenges without compromising on quality. We understand such details require specialized attention, and our trained professionals are equipped to manage every aspect carefully.

5) Area Rugs

As we move from curtains and drapes to the floor, let’s focus on another crucial element of home décor—area rugs. This home furnishing often faces the brunt of heavy foot traffic, pet interactions, and the inevitable liquid spills. Regular vacuuming does its part, but can only go so far in maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of your rugs. That’s where our professional area rug cleaning services in Wichita, KS, come in.

At In The Bag Cleaners, we not only understand the impact a vibrant, clean rug can have on the overall aesthetic of a room, but we also are committed to maintaining these pieces in an environmentally friendly manner. Plus, our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment allow us to perform a deep cleaning that revives and restores your rugs, bringing back their original vibrancy and texture.

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Dry cleaning professionals can handle many items you thought were not suitable for dry cleaning. Among them are vintage clothing, curtains, stuffed animals, and a whole lot more. At In The Bag Cleaners, we go beyond typical laundry services to offer specialized care for all your household items.

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