Places you may be forgetting to clean…

As we progress into fall, it’s important to remember that autumn colds, sinus infections, and the flu might be around the corner. One way to keep your family healthy is to make sure that you’re cleaning these items in your home!

We touch our remotes quite often – after running errands, playing with children, doing yard work, and much more. Wiping down the remotes every once in a while can help combat the buildup of germs.

Gently dusting your plants or artificial plants every now and again will help keep the dust at bay – and it keeps your plants looking prettier as well!

Did you know you can dry clean certain types of pillows? Or even machine wash others? Make sure to check the tag to see if it can be washed – or just ask one of our team members. We spend so much time laying on our pillows, so don’t forget to clean them!

 When was the last time you vacuumed or swept under your bed? What about the rug next to your bed? This is a place where dust likes to accumulate and old socks like to congregate. After you’ve cleaned under the bed, bring your small area rugs into In the Bag for a fresh cleaning!

We all touch them – light switches. A great way to make sure they are being disinfected is to add them to your cleaning routine.

Wash the thing that does the washing and drying? Yes! By cleaning your washer and dryer, you’re keeping clothes fresher and preventing mildew and soap buildup…Or skip the washer and dryer altogether and use our Wash, Dry, and Fold subscription plan.

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