Laundry Myths

Halloween is the perfect time to dispel some laundry myths! You’ve probably heard of some of these “tips”, but it turns out they are just misconceptions.

Myth 1: Use more detergent to get cleaner clothes

Using more detergent does NOT mean that the clothes will become cleaner. In fact, excess detergent can actually leave a layer of residue on the clothes.

Myth 2: You don’t need to wash your washing machine

Even though your washing machine is designed to clean clothes, the washer itself can become dirty. Just like using too much detergent on clothes can create a residue, your washing machine can develop a layer of residue after being used often. Make sure to clean the inside and outside of your washer on a monthly basis to prevent transfering the residue to your clothes.

Myth 3: Washing clothes in hot water is best for getting rid of germs

The water is not the most important factor in killing germs – it’s actually the detergent. The best thing to do is to follow the label on the clothing. Then you will help your clothes last longer and look better.

Myth 4: Dryer heat causes clothes to shrink

When clothes shrink, it is most often due to the fact that there is not enough moisture. The heat is not the problem. Some ways to prevent shrinking is to take out the clothes while they are still slightly damp – or utilize the automatic settings on your dryer. Many dryers can actually sense when there is a lack of moisture and will stop accordingly.

Myth 5: Shirts should be buttoned while washing

Buttoning shirts before washing can put stress on the buttons and the fabric. It is best to leave them undone. However, if your clothes have zippers on them, they should always be zipped up to prevent snagging.

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