How to Care for your Swimwear!


The weather is warm. The pools are full. The beaches are ready…is your swimsuit?

There are a lot of tips and tricks to caring for your suit so you can avoid:
x Pilling
x Stretching
x Losing Shape

Tip 1: Wash Before You Wear

It’s always a good idea to wash before you wear. If it’s a brand new suit, you don’t know who’s tried it on beforehand, and washing it will also get rid of any dust that might be lingering on the suit.

Tip 2: Sit on Towels

Sitting on towels – whether it’s at the edge of the pool, sunbathing, or relaxing on chairs – is a great option. Why? Because pilling is THE WORST! Swimsuit fabric can be very delicate, so protect your suit by not sitting on concrete, wood, or other places that will harm it.

Tip 3: Multiple Swimwear Options

Did you know that it typically takes 24 hours for swimsuits to regain their shape after wearing them? That’s why we suggest more than 1 suit in your closet. After washing, if the swimwear doesn’t get completely dry, it can start to stretch out.

Tip 4: The Drying Process

After washing your swimsuit, here are a few things to keep in mind:
x Do not put in the dryer: Too much heat can ruin your suit
x Do not hang dry: All of the water will run to the bottom of your swimsuit and cause it to stretch out over time

Instead, Roll the swimsuit up in between two towels and gently press to get the water out. Then lay flat to dry.

Tip 5: Hand Wash

We know that hand-washing items is probably not your favorite thing, but it is the best option when it comes to washing your swimsuit. Remember to at least rinse in water after every use to get the sand, grime, oils, dirt, etc off – even if you didn’t get in the water.

Bonus Tip: Heat Ruins Fibers

Too much heat can ruin the fibers of your suit, so if you are opting to get in the hot tub, we suggest wearing an older or less favorite swimsuit.

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