Happy Father’s Day!


Need some gift ideas for Dad? Check out our list! 


Gadgets and cool devices are great gifts! Items like Fitbits, speakers, wireless headphones, etc are a fun option for Father’s Day.


Is it time for your dad to upgrade his tool set? Or maybe his grill tools? Or even his toolbox? These are all great Father’s Day gift ideas!

Your dad doesn’t have to be handy to make a toolbox work! You can go with the traditional tool set, or fill a toolbox with his favorite things (coffee, games, movies, etc).

Million Dollar Collar

Welcome to the world’s only permanently installed placket reinforcement (placket stay) that hides discretely between the layers of the placket, allowing your dress shirt to retain a crisp appearance all day and night.

Outfits + Accessories

A new shirt, pair of shoes, watch, or pair of jeans might just be the right thing for your dad! Say Happy Father’s Day with a great new look or splurge on something he might not normally get for himself.

Gift Cards

If all else fails, give gift cards! If you’re not sure what to get the dad in your life, get a gift card to one of his favorite places so he can pick out something on his list.

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