Get to Know the Friendly Faces at In The Bag Cleaners

In matters of garment care, trust is a non-negotiable factor because everything follows from there – top-notch customer service, the use of premium products, and, of course, those exceptional cleaning results we all look for. Because at the end of the day, knowing our favorite clothing pieces are in good hands means everything.

Moreover, apart from the skills and expertise of dry cleaners, there’s something comforting about having a go-to spot where everyone knows your name—and your laundry preferences! Here at In The Bag Cleaners, we believe in building that kind of trust with every shirt, suit, and dress that comes our way.

Stick around to read this article because we will introduce you to the fantastic team at In The Bag Cleaners. Ultimately, we’d like to show you why In The Bag Cleaners isn’t just another dry cleaner in Wichita – we’re a part of your community.

Meet Our Dynamic Leaders at In The Bag Cleaners

Here at In The Bag Cleaners, we believe our success comes from our amazing staff. Together, they create a welcoming and professional environment that ensures top-notch service for all our customers. Let us introduce you to the dynamic leaders who make In The Bag Cleaners what it is – the very same incredible people who ensure every aspect of our operations runs smoothly.

Dave Coyle: Team Leader and Owner

Dave Coyle’s journey from a college student working at a dry cleaning counter to the visionary owner of In The Bag Cleaners is nothing short of inspiring. After earning his degree in Economics from Arizona State University, Dave managed several large cleaning operations before founding In The Bag Cleaners in 2000. Under his leadership, the company now enjoys a market share of nearly 70% in Wichita, thanks to his emphasis on building strong relationships with both team members and clients.
Dave lives in West Wichita with his wife, Aram, their children, and their Goldendoodle, who is affectionately considered the team’s mascot. An active community supporter, Dave is involved with Wichita State Athletics and various local initiatives, ensuring his impact extends beyond the business.

Aram Coyle: Dave’s Boss 🙂 (At Home)

With an MBA from Webster University and a deep-rooted knowledge of Marketing and Management from Wichita State University, Aram Coyle is as dynamic at home as she is in her community endeavors. She brings her strategic vision to several local boards, including the Junior League of Wichita. Aram’s commitment to family and community shines through in her dedicated support of her husband and playful interactions with their children, making her a cornerstone of both the Coyle household and the wider community.

Hope Kiiker: Director of Operations

Hope Kiiker brings over a decade of retail management experience to her role at In The Bag Cleaners. She thrives on enhancing client experiences and strengthening her team, ensuring each day is better than the last. Outside the office, Hope’s passions include her cats and her weekly Dungeons & Dragons games, where she brings the same enthusiasm as she does to her work.

Morgan Krumm: Director of Support Services

Morgan Krumm aims to spread joy and positivity wherever she goes. At In The Bag Cleaners, she focuses on making everyone feel special and empowered. When she’s not uplifting those around her at work, she’s likely cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs or enjoying a quiet moment with her husband and their two dogs.

Hannah Cook: Project Implementation Manager

With over 15 years in customer service, Hannah Cook excels at creating positive environments for both clients and colleagues. She found her calling at In The Bag Cleaners, where the company’s values align perfectly with her own. Outside of work, Hannah is often found with her family or among horses, embracing the peacefulness and strength they provide.

Sugey Colmenero: Assistant Production Team Leader

An engineer with 12 years of experience, Sugey Colmenero thrives in environments that challenge her ingenuity and allow her to innovate. She has a special love for muscle cars, especially her Ford Mustang, and enjoys attending car shows to connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Ashley Wilson: Retail Team Leader

Ashley Wilson has dedicated years to building client relationships at In The Bag Cleaners, fostering a nurturing environment for her team. Her leadership style is as much about growth as it is about service. Away from work, Ashley enjoys reading and spending quality time with her family and her somewhat demanding cat.

Amanda Sanchez: Assistant Retail Team Leader

Since joining In The Bag Cleaners in 2021, Amanda Sanchez has quickly risen through the ranks thanks to her dedication to client service. She excels at making meaningful connections with clients and always aims to exceed their expectations. When not at work, Amanda cherishes time with her family and contributes to children’s development and welfare.

Bianca Rosas: Team Member Support Specialist

Bianca Rosas is the newest addition to our team, joining in May 2023. She is committed to ensuring smooth transitions for new team members and fostering a welcoming environment. Fluent in Spanish and a dog mom, Bianca loves spending time with her family and bringing people together, both at work and at home.

Taja Johns: Client Support Specialist

With 18 years in customer service, Taja Johns brings a wave of positivity to our clients and her colleagues. She values being part of a local, family-focused team. In her free time, Taja supports the Kansas Jayhawks and enjoys moments with her children.

Andrew White: Route Concierge

Andrew White’s role as a Route Concierge has him meeting new clients daily, promoting In The Bag Cleaners’ services across Wichita. He’s passionate about building community connections and enhancing our company’s reputation. Outside of work, Andrew’s interests include cooking, outdoor activities, baseball, and family time.

Services In Which In The Bag Cleaners Specializes

It might be easy to mistake In The Bag Cleaners for anything other than dry cleaning and laundry. But along with these two services, we also clean household items and other textiles. Check out this list of services our Wichita customers get from us.


  • Dry Cleaning: Perfect for preserving the color and texture of your garments. Ideal for items that cannot withstand the regular washing process such as a delicate silk blouse, wool sweater, or a vintage leather coat.
  • Wash and Fold Laundry: This service is great for your everyday items. We wash, dry, and fold your clothes, so you can simply put them away.
  • Hand-Finished Shirts: Each shirt is individually pressed to ensure a crisp, professional finish. Best for business wear and special occasions.
  • Formal Wear: We specialize in cleaning and preserving formal attire, including wedding dresses. Our meticulous approach ensures your special garments are perfect for any big event.
  • Leather, Fur, and Suede: These materials require specialized care to maintain their quality. Our expert techniques ensure these items are cleaned safely and effectively.
    Alterations: Whether it’s a simple hem or a complex adjustment, our skilled tailors can modify your clothing to fit you perfectly.


  • Comforter and Blanket Cleaning: This cleaning service removes dust, allergens, and stains, ensuring your bedding is clean and cozy.
  • Bed Sheets: We clean and soften your bed sheets, providing a fresh and inviting feel. Ideal for those who appreciate crisp, clean bedding every night.
  • Table Linens: We expertly remove stains from table linens and restore them to their pristine condition. Best for keeping your dining experience elegant and neat, whether for everyday use or special occasions.
  • Drapes and Curtains: We take special care of your drapes and curtains, cleaning them to eliminate dust, odors, and allergens.
  • Area Rug Cleaning: We thoroughly clean area rugs, removing dirt and grime while bringing back their vibrant colors and patterns.
  • Patio Cushions: Our cleaning process for patio cushions removes dirt, pollen, and stains, revitalizing your outdoor seating. This service is best for keeping your patio inviting and ready for gatherings.

How Can In The Bag Cleaners Help You?

At In The Bag Cleaners, we believe excellence starts with our people. Our powerhouse team, composed of experts in every aspect of cleaning and care, always goes the extra mile to ensure your entire experience is pleasant. From environmentally friendly cleaning processes to quick turnaround times, you’ll never have to compromise on quality or convenience. Call our team today!

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