Decluttering Between the Holidays

Welcome to the slight holiday lull…you know, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The time between when guests are coming into town or when you are leaving to visit family. It also seems to be the time when clutter can slowly accumulate in your home.
Here are 6 simple tips for decluttering your home between the holidays.


It’s funny how summer clothing can still find its way through your home in the winter months. Whether it’s in the laundry or taking room in your closet, summer clothes can create unwanted clutter.

Instead, store your summer clothing in a dry storage tub and put them out of the way for the season. Some great storage areas are under the bed, on high closet shelves, in basement storage rooms, and even in the garage.

If you want to save a little extra time, bring in all of your summer clothing items to one of our In the Bag locations for cleaning before being put into storage.


The holidays are the perfect time for cooking and baking…which also makes it the perfect time to go through your refrigerator and cabinets. By tossing unwanted/expired food items, it will not only simplify and add space to your cabinets, but it will also make it easier to find items when cooking!


When transitioning from fall decor to winter and Christmas decor, don’t just store it and forget it.

As you’re putting away your fall decor, evaluate whether or not you still love it. If your style has changed, or if you aren’t really in love with it, go ahead and move it to the donate pile.

You can do the same process with your Christmas items as you’re setting up for holiday. Didn’t put something out this year? Got an item as a gift, but it no longer works in your space? These items are perfect to give away or donate. Is it broken or damaged? It’s time to get rid of those pieces to make your home a less cluttered space.


Christmas is coming…and if you have kids, more toys are probably on their way…

Before the influx of new toys arrives, work with your kids to decide which items are broken, and which items are ready for the donate pile. This will help lower the stress and anxiety of not having anywhere to put the new toys when after Christmas.


Do you have a guest bedroom and/or bathroom in your home? If so, a good way to declutter is to go through all of the guest linens. Replacing or getting rid of tired or worn-out towels, pillowcases, blankets, sheets, and amenities will help your home look fresher and will help feel like everything has its place.


Lastly, decluttering your home is a great way to keep it looking clean and fresh, but what do you do with all of the things you’re keeping? Don’t just shove them in a closet somewhere – instead, find some creative ways to store them.

You could store blankets in a basket next to the couch, put extra pillows in an ottoman for easy access, and use storage systems for closet organization. Other options include storage bins, drawer organizers, and decorative shelf baskets.


We know that the holidays can sometimes be a stressful time. Between cooking, cleaning, laundry, holiday parties, Christmas gatherings, and more, we want to help ease the load a little.

If you’re wanting a few hours back in your week, we offer subscription plans that fit your needs. These plans have everything you need to keep everyone in your family—and your home—looking fabulous while you save unprecedented time, money , and errands. Click here to see all of our Time Saver Plans!

We hope you have a lovely holiday season!

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