4 Clothing Items to Always Dry Clean


Are you unsure which items of clothing require dry cleaning, and which can be washed at home? It’s important to know which fabrics and materials should be professionally cleaned to ensure they maintain their quality and last longer. Here are 4 clothing items you should always take to the dry cleaners:


Leather can greatly benefit from a professional dry cleaning to remove any stains or odors. This is especially important for coats and jackets that are worn frequently and may be exposed to the elements.

Formal Wear

Formal gowns, especially those with intricate beading or detailing, should always be taken to a professional cleaner to avoid damage or discoloration. These gowns are often a special investment and should be well-maintained to ensure they last for many years.


Suits should always be dry cleaned, as the process helps to maintain the shape and quality of the fabric. Suits are typically made of delicate materials that can become damaged if washed at home, and the dry cleaning process ensures that they remain in top condition

Wool Sweater

Wool can be prone to shrinking or becoming misshapen if not handled properly, so it’s best to have them dry cleaned. Wool sweaters are often an investment, and dry cleaning them can help maintain their quality and ensure they last for many seasons.

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