Hand Finished Shirts

Hand Finished Shirts

What sets our finished product apart from most other places? Our shirts are hand finished! We treat every shirt with extra care. Our shirts go through a careful process to assure that your shirts get done right!


6 Steps of Extra Care

After your shirts get washed and pressed they go through an additional five steps of inspection and care.

  1. Cuffs: Cuffs are scrubbed before cleaning and checked afterward for dirt stains. They are also carefully pressed by hand and if you are having them boxed they are rolled to perfection!
  2. Collars: Collars are also scrubbed to remove dirt. They also get pressed twice to ensure that your collars are still crisply pressed when you take them home.
  3. We place our new Collarite supports onto the collar to assure that your collars stay crisp and to make sure they do not roll over during transportation!
  4. Buttons: We offer free button replacement with every cleaning! We check every shirt for missing buttons before they go out the door.


Remember You Will LOVE The Way You Feel!

Especially in your expertly handled shirts!! So let us take care of all of your shirt needs.

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