You Will LOVE the Way You Feel! Donate!!

Warm HeartsIf you’ve ever donated clothing to Goodwill or other local charity have you really stopped to think about how deep-down good it feels and what a difference you could be making in someone’s life? Donating is not just a great way to clean out your closet, it has a whole host of other tangible and karmic benefits.

Tax Deduction: If you donate clothes to a nonprofit organization, the items can be deducted on your taxes. Be sure to get a receipt. If you’re uber-organized or just have  paranoia about the IRS (and who doesn’t) you might want to snap a picture of your donations, just in case you’re ever audited and there is a question about the condition of the items. How much should you claim?  This article from eHow details how to value donated clothes.

Giving Is Green: Do you know some people actually throw their old clothes away? As in, the garbage? Our landfills are full enough without legwarmers and coats adding to the mess. You may not wear that itchy sweater with the ducks and geese romping across it but don’t deny someone else the chance to make it their own. Don’t throw it away, donate!

Helping Others: Wichita has many consignment shops and they’re a great way to make a little money off gently worn clothes but if you donate them instead, you’ll be doing your part to pay it forward. Many low-income families, as well as families who have lost clothing in a disaster such as a flood or fire will benefit from your donation.  Organizations in Wichita that accept donated clothing include Goodwill, DAV, Mulvane Care & Share, Inc and New For You Kids. Please call before donating to inquire about requirements and preferred donation days.

Warm Hearts: At In The Bag Cleaners we’re doing our part to pay it forward by participating in Warm Hearts. Sponsored by KAKE news and The Salvation Army, Warm Hearts is an annual coat drive run through the month of January. We accept gently used or new coats, jackets, sweaters, blankets, and comforters. All In The Bag Cleaners locations in Wichita are drop-off points and we clean every garment before they get sent to their new homes.

If you’re needing your other coats not for donation cleaned as well feel free to bring them in as well! We’ll get you feeling good as well

You will LOVE the way you feel!!- Inside and Out!

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