Taking care of your sweaters is very important for longevity!


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It is important to take proper care of your sweaters.  Make sure you are reading the labels for the correct cleaning method you should be using on each specific garment you own! It is imperative for extending the life of your precious clothing!

1) Remove Debris: Before putting your sweater away after each use, be sure to de-pill, de-hair and de-lint it. Hair and lint can be quickly and safely removed using a soft baby’s hairbrush. Pills can be picked off by hand without damaging the sweater but if you like gadgets, you can purchase a small electric shaver, specially made for the job.

2) Wash Delicately: Some sweaters can be washed by hand (always refer to the manufacturer’s washing instructions) but don’t wring out the excess water as this can damage fibers. Instead, roll the sweater in an absorbent towel.

3) No Wire Hangers: Avoid hanging sweaters to dry on wire hangers or any other kind for that matter. Sweaters will become misshapen, too long and you could wind up looking like you grabbed the quarterback’s gym bag instead of your own. Lay flat to dry on a counter top or freestanding drying rack.

4) Fix It: If your sweater gets a hole or loses a button, repair it immediately before a small accident becomes a gaping disaster and too big for the average seamstress to mend. For teeny tiny holes, clear nail polish can be dabbed on the backside.

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