How to Achieve Total Relaxation

After a long day, there is nothing better than a fresh and clean bed. You work hard and need your beauty rest! Allow us to take care of your bedding so you can relax in the cleanest bedding you’ve ever had!

Dave & In The Bag Comforters

We will get your comforter absolutely clean!

In The Bag Cleaners are experts at cleaning comforters! We clean on average 300 comforters a week. The main reason to get your comforter professionally cleaned is that our machines are large enough to accommodate your comforter. Your comforter will receive plenty of agitation, getting it the most clean!

We recommend that you have your comforter cleaned by us 2-4 times a year. At the change of seasons is the best time!

Comforter Cleaning Process:

  • After you drop off your comforter we check it for any stains.
  • Once it arrives at the warehouse we analyze it again to check for any stains or special attention fabric or detail.
  • Then it is either dry cleaned or laundered. To treat blood, urine, water, food or beverage stains it is laundered. For any oil or grease stains it is dry cleaned.
  • Comforters with lots of detail (including the rope border) is always dry cleaned. Dry cleaning is a less aggressive cleaning process.
  • After your comforter is either laundered or dry cleaned we hang dry or tumble on low to medium heat.
  • Each comforter is then hand fluffed and inspected for any imperfections.
  • Once your comforter is double inspected for a superb job, it is bagged in a plastic, vended bag with a handle. That way it can safely travel back to your home – perfectly cleaned. Then it is ready to store or use right away.

Thank you for letting us take care of you and your comforter! We want you to sleep peacefully in a clean bed!

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