Dearest Dad

Father’s Day is a special day to honor and celebrate fatherhood!

Dave and his Father, Marty!

You should appreciate your father every day of the year but Father’s Day is a whole day centered around your dearest dad! It is a day to do what he wants. You know your dad best – decide on something special to do with him or for him that he will appreciate.

Quality time spent together is one of the best gifts a person could ask for.

This Father’s Day, think of what your Father would appreciate most and DO IT! Spend the whole day with him! If you still can’t find a nice gift, don’t worry it’s In The Bag! A gift card to one of our stores would sure come in handy. Making him, his clothes and wallet happy!

Need a good idea? Look no further!! Father’s Day Fun!

Happy Father’s Day from In The Bag Cleaners!

We hope you have a day filled with love, relaxation & happiness!

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