Employee Spotlight- Debbie Robinson

Debbie Robinson is our retail store manager at Central and Rock. She has been with In The Bag for 3 years and worked at Best Cleaners for 15 years previously. Debbie loves her job because of the great customers she deals with on a daily basis!

When Debbie isn’t working she enjoys spending time with her small, close-knit family! She is the grandmother to two darling girls and adores spending precious time with them. Going to the park, watching Disney channel and splashing at the pool are among Debbie’s favorite activities to do with her granddaughters! Debbie also cherishes the time she spends with her other family members. Dinner is an opportunity for them to catch up and spend some quality time together! Debbie’s favorite Wichita restaurant is Margaritas. Authentic Mexican food is the way to her heart! As well as her daughter’s homemade fried chicken! She states, “My daughter is a fabulous cook!” Like-mother-like-daughter!

Baking and cooking are a few of Debbie’s favorite hobbies! She loves to try new recipes and find new scrumptious meals! Debbie also collects cookbooks; “you never can have too many, they are all different,” stated Debbie. While baking is among her favorite, it’s even sweeter when her granddaughter helps her bake cookies!

Helping others is very important to Debbie. She loves to help out where help is needed! Whether it be clothing, food, money or emotional support, Debbie is always wanting to help others!

When you need dry cleaning help, don’t hesitate to turn to Debbie. She has been in the industry for 18 years and knows exactly what she is doing! If you haven’t gotten the opportunity to meet Debbie, feel free to drop into her store at Central and Rock.

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