Button Basics

During the busy morning rush, few things are more frustrating than popping a button on your favorite shirt. Well, except for maybe spilling coffee on it, having the baby spit
up on it or having your toddler wipe jelly on it but that’s another article entirely. Losing a button can be a bad way to start the day but whatever you do, don’t just throw it in
the, “I’ll deal with it later,” pile. We ALL have that pile. For some people, sewing on a button can be a time-consuming or intimidating prospect but it doesn’t have to be. Listed
below is a step-by-step instruction guide to sewing on a basic button, as well as, a few time-saving button tricks.

Standard buttons have two holes so to avoid confusion, that’s the pretend kind we’re going to sew on today.

Choose a thread similar to the fabric color of the garment or existing thread in other buttons on the shirt. From the spool, cut about 18inches of thread (elbow to finger). Thread the needle, making a knot at the end. Position the button on the fabric (look for tiny holes or leftover thread as a guide). Start from the underside of the garment. Insert the needle through the fabric and up through the button hole. Stick the needle down through the top of the second hole and push through to the back of the fabric, repeating 5 or 6 times until the button is secure but not bulky. Some people just keep wrapping and wrapping. Remember, you’re not making a button cocoon. Less is more. End on the underside of the garment by making a knot and securing it to the fabric. Snip off the excess close to the knot.

More Button Business:
To make repairs even faster, buy a sewing kit (found in most stores for as little as $5.00)and keep needles threaded at all times with the appropriate-length thread in the most popular colors, white, brown and black.

Putting a toothpick between the garment and thread while sewing will assure the button isn’t sewn on too tight, giving it more wiggle room and ease in fitting through the button later. Remove toothpick before wearing.

Knowing the fast/correct way to sew on a button will ensure you can swiftly mend your garments, keeping your favorite pieces in rotation. To keep them looking clean and pressed, let In The Bag Cleaners of Wichita take care of them for you. If we see a button out of place, we automatically fix it! How cool is that!

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