Bedding Care Tips

Bedding Care Tips

We spend one third of our lives sleeping. That’s a lot of time spent in bed! With so much time spent in bed your bedding should be cleaned regularly to help extend the life span of your bedding and for hygienic reasons. All types of allergens and germs build up over time onto our bedding that can pose risks to our health if you are not cleaning your sheets. Here is a look at some of the things you might be sleeping with when you are not keeping up on regularly cleaning your sheets:

  • Dust Mites- Are microscopic bugs that feed off of dead skin cells. These little things live, die and reproduce in the same bed sheets that you sleep in
  • Dead skin cells – Your body sheds about a million skin cells a day, so some of those are bound to come off when you sleep. Unfortunately, dead skin cells are a tasty snack for dust mites.
  • Oils – Your body secretes natural oils as you sleep, which, of course, end up on your bed sheets.
  • Sweat – If you get too hot during the night, your body will sweat to cool off.
  • Bodily fluids – Saliva, blood, urine, fecal matter and bodily fluids from all kinds of sources are all liable to show up on your bed sheets.
  • Food crumbs – If you like to bring that midnight snack to bed, there’s probably crumbs and other food particles that are begging to be eaten by bugs.

Here is what we recommend to you on how often you should clean your bedding:

  • Sheets and Pillow Cases- These items undergo the most use and contact and should therefore be cleaned weekly.
  • Pillows- Depending on how much you sweat at night pillows should be cleaned 2-3 times per year. And if you have not cleaned your pillow in awhile we recommend you buy new ones or get it re-ticked.
  • Blankets- Should be cleaned 1-2 times per month or more depending on how often they are used.
  • Comforters- Comforters should be cleaned 4 times per year. A great schedule to keep would be to clean them with each new season.

If you’ve got a person at home sick be sure to clean all of their sheets and bedding as well so that they are not recuperating in a germy bed. If you have animals that sleep in bed with you you may also want to consider cleaning your bedding even more regularly. Dogs can carry more microscopic bugs and germs in their coats adding to more allergens getting onto your sheets and comforter.

As a full service  dry cleaner we can help with you upkeep on these items any time of the year. Bring your comforters, sheets, pillow cases, pillows, and even feather beds and mattress toppers for regular cleaning and we can help you reduce the allergens and germs that build on your bedding over time. come into any one of 15 convenient locations or call 316-267-3407 and ask about what services we offer and what we can help you with!


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