Now With 15 Locations!

New Location

In case you missed the news we have expanded and added a 2nd location in Derby! When Fred Ortiz, owner of College Hill cleaners, decided to sell his retail dry cleaning stores in order to focus on his Restoration business we thought it would be a good opportunity to for both businesses to help each other out! In The Bag purchased 3 of 6 College Hill locations. Two of these locations, one in Bel Aire and the other in Reed’s Cove plaza, were very close to existing In The Bag locations so we closed those locations and transitioned that clientele to our existing In The Bag’s!

The 3rd location we purchased we have decided to keep open! It is located at 1861 E Madisson in Derby. We feel very strongly that we can make the existing clientele happy with our In The Bag service and that this location will attract new customers as well!

Stop in and meet our store manager, Dawn, who has been with In The Bag for over 2 years and is always more than happy to assist you with whatever you may need! She has come over from our 21st and K96 location where she kept customers there satisfied with her over the top customer service!


You will LOVE the way you FEEL!

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