Go Green!

recycle_logoGo Green!

As Wichita’s largest dry cleaning chain we like to be environmentally aware of our impact in the area and also the planet! We are a member of Green Biz Wichita and like to do our part to reduce waste that come from dry cleaning. Such as all of the plastic, paper, and wire hangers that are used in getting your clothes to you! Listed here are some of the things we are doing to be as green as possible!

  1. With our new VIP garment bags we hope to reduce the amount of plastic we use by about 30%. That is a significant reduction in plastic waste that ends up in trash cans and landfills.
  2. We use biodegradable plastic for orders that do not have our VIP bag over them. These bags breakdown within 1 year instead of the typical 10+ years of other plastic bags. Our bags can also be recycled in your recycle bins at home.
  3. We recycle wire hangers! If you have a closet full of wire hangers that you just don’t know what to do with, bring them in! We reuse wire hangers that are in good condition and use proper disposal methods for hangers we cannot reuse. Also, your new garment bags have a convenient hanger slot that you can carry your wire hangers in without the risk of snagging your clothes.
  4. We always, always recommend recycling of our items that you get back from us. Such as the wire hangers, plastic, and paper capes




You will LOVE the way you FEEL! Go Green!

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