New VIP Garment Bags!

You might have noticed something new after your latest visit to one of our stores. We’ve introduced new VIP garment bags at our locations! Change isn’t always easy but with these great new bag features and benefits we know you’ll LOVE your new bags!



Why you’ll LOVE your new bags!

  • Less Plastic- We want to reduce our impact on the environment. With our new garment bags we can reduce the amount of plastic we use by up to 30%! That is less plastic that is getting thrown away and subsequently filling up our landfills.
  • Side Zipper- With an easy access side zipper getting your clothes into to your closet is less of a hassle. No more fighting with plastic!
  • Hanger Compartment- Our garment bag features a separate compartment for your recycled hangers. Simply slide in your hangers and zip the compartment closed! Conveniently transport your hangers from home to one of our locations. And you don’t run the risk of snagging or poking holes into your clothes!
  • Bag Stand- Easily turn your garment bag into a hamper with our new bag stands available for purchase! Place these into your laundry rooms or closets and keep your clothes organized!
In The Bag Hamper

In The Bag Hamper


Not a VIP member? Ask any store associate about our VIP program and learn about how you can get 25% off every visit, receive your own personal garment bag, and get great coupons in the mail!


You will LOVE the way you FEEL!!


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