Outerwear Trends for Women

Outerwear Trends

Now that we are transitioning to cooler weather, can you still be trendy without being bundled up like you live in the arctic circle? OF COURSE!  Here are some popular trends that will keep you warm AND looking good!

 Leather Jacket

AllSaints jacket
Leather is making a comeback this year. From leather pants to leather sleeved jackets and sweaters, don’t miss out on this trend this year! And for all of your leather care needs- we have conveniently offer leather cleaning at our 14 locations!

Fur Vest

H M vest

Fur is always a good choice during the winter months as it goes back thousands of year to our caveman days when fur was a source of warmth. Faux fur is a great way to be animal friendly yet still fashionable!


Topshop jacket
Nobody does it better than our military when it comes to many things- even staying warm! Take a page out of their book and join in on the military inspired attire! Match it up with military style boots as well!




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