Have a Safe Halloween!

Stay Safe this Halloween

In The Bag would like for everyone to have a great Halloween this year! There are many great ways to stay safe and enjoy all of the fun that comes with Halloween. We would like to offer a few tips to clients and non-clients alike on your trick or treating festivities to help make sure your kids stay safe!

  • Stay in Groups: Never go trick or treating alone, or let your kids go alone! Bigger groups are easier for people in vehicles  to spot.
  • Supervision: If you have a larger group of kids with you find another adult or two to help keep everyone accounted for. Assign kids to each adult to make it easier.
  • Stay Seen: Have flashlights on hand for neighborhoods with insufficient street lighting. Attach reflective tape onto costumes and bags so drivers can see you. Another great way to be seen that kids love- GLOW STICKS- Make bracelets, necklaces, and headbands by stringing them together!
  • Comfort: Wear comfortable shoes to make sure you don’t get worn out from all the walking. To help with chillier temperatures layer up underneath costumes and bring sweaters.
  • Candy: Check all candy before eating any or letting your children eat any. Opened or damaged candy should be thrown away without hesitation!

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