10 Fun Fall Ideas

10 Fun Fall Ideas

1. Create a wreath with fall flowers and ribbon.

2. Enjoy a family bike ride.

3. Watch a football game.

4. Go on a picnic.

5. Jump in a pile of leaves.

6. Fly a kite.

7. Watch the sun rise.

8. Make a pot of your favorite soup.

9. Enter a race.

10. Go shopping for fall clothes.

Fall is just a few weeks away. Changing of the seasons is one thing that the Midwest has that you can not change! Football, a bowl of warm, homemade soup, crisp air,  leaves changing colors, cooler temperatures, and of course a different wardrobe are all changes that the fall brings! Here at In The Bag we enjoy the changing of the seasons as well! This create new items coming through our production warehouse, giving our crew new items to clean daily!


What are you looking forward to doing this Fall?

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