Top Make-Up Trends for Spring

It is easy to get into a make up rut.  Like clock work our beauty routine is the same every day.  Sometimes you have to take a risk and mix up your look! Maybe it is a night on the town or a outside wedding you are attending, try something new! It will make you feel young and fresh! Here are 3 different looks that you can do this Spring to change your look!

3 Bold Looks

Eye-makeup1.  Sport Midnight Blue–This midnight blue hue is a fresh twist on a traditional gray smoky shade—plus, the dark-as-night color makes the whites of your eyes stand out even more so they demand his attention that much quicker.

2. Try a Rose-Gold Highlighter–The blend of warm, gold tones with cool, pink ones create a one-shade-fits-all hue.


3. Classic Red Lip– Smack on that classy red lip color.  It will pop with the color palette this season!



What make up changes do you use to change your look?

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