Sparkly Clean Windows

Sparkly Clean Windows

Clean windows allow you to see the beautiful trees & flowers in bloom as well as the green grass. Learn how to get your windows  sparkly clean!

First, clean the windowsills and frames. To do this, an ideal liquid solution to clean both wood and aluminum window frames is that of mild liquid dish-washing detergent combined with warm water. Use an old toothbrush to scrub into those hard to reach places, and when completed always rinse and dry with a cloth.

When cleaning the glass there are numerous glass cleaning products available for you to purchase, however unless the windows are heavily soiled a cost effective way is to simply use a cloth and a bucket of warm soapy water. Work from top to bottom, and be sure not to make your windows so wet that they start dripping.

Drying windows with paper towels or an old newspaper is one solution but can build a static charge on a window which makes it more likely to attract dust and will therefore dirty quicker.


A good quality squeegee should keep your windows clean for longer if you follow this simple technique. First, make a horizontal draw across the top of the window to prevent drips. Next, start either side and draw the squeegee down to near the bottom of the window, leaving a small gap. Repeat the process along the window in a vertical pattern, overlapping strokes to prevent streaks and drying the squeegee after every stroke. Finally, finish by making another horizontal wipe across the bottom of the window. You can now wipe up any drips that land on the windowsill with a cloth.


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