Transitioning your Wardrobe

Transitioning your Wardrobe

We live in Kansas.  Seasons change.  Our wardrobes have to accommodate the extreme heat and blistery cold weather.  Some people do not have the closet space to have their entire wardrobe in the chests, drawers and closet.  Storing your clothes by seasons is a great option and if done correctly, can stretch the live of your clothes for years!

Properly storing winter clothing or summer clothing during the off season not only frees up space in your bedroom and closet, but also gives you a clean and fresh start to dressing when the change of weather hits.



1.  Plan the perfect spot you will store clothing BEFORE purchasing storage containers.  Will you put it in your spare bedroom closet, up high in your walk in closet or maybe under your bed? Make your storage fit the space not vise versa.

2.  Store your items in suitable containers.  Garbage bags are cheap but NOT an ideal storage container.  You run the risk of puncturing bags which can be stomping grounds for unwanted visitors.  Cardboard boxes are ok as long as they do not run the risk of getting damp or wet.  Plastic containers or vacuum storage bags work best!

3.  CLEAN YOUR CLOTHING PRIOR TO STORING IT!  Cleaning the clothing will help repel pests and reduces stains that would be set in if left on the clothing for the storage duration.

4.  Sort like items into the same containers and make sure to label each item.  This will help keep your storage organized and easy to access if you need to get something out of storage.

5.  Remember to add a few moth balls, a fabric softner sheet or a small cedar block to each container.  Lining your containers with acid-free paper is also helpful!!

Happy Packing!

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