Winter to Spring Fashion

Winter to Spring Fashion

springWhile our winter was mostly mild til the end of February here in Wichita, spring is around the corner!!  Who is READY!!!!?  Transitioning your clothes from season to season can be challenging, but with a few tips, you’ll be looking fabulous without the stress. You’ll probably have to go shopping for new pieces, because come on, who just can’t say no to that?

7 Tips for transitioning your Wardrobe

Layering Pieces
It is time to drop the cardigans, bulky sweaters and any other heavy layering garments and wear those cute embellished tops and shirts.  Let your individual pieces shine!

Lightweight wool skirts
Ditch the tights and leggings and show those bare legs! Color blocking is a big trend this year so feel free to pair up that wool skirt with a beautiful colored silk blouse!

Patterned Topcoats
Pull out those bright, fashionable, light jackets and wear them on a chilly Spring day.  They will look great on a rainy day with your rain boots and bright umbrella! Put those heavy coats back in the closet!

Cropped Pants
Throw those boots in the back of your closest! It is time to get a pedicure, dust off your cute sandals and flats and show off those feet!! Cropped pants are in style, especially if they are colored!!

Shrunken Jackets
These jackets will be a great transition piece into the new season.  On those chilly days you will still have that great option to wear a  chic jacket and remove it as

Winter Whites
It was once a “fashion don’t” to wear white in Winter.  Now it has become a year round color.  Be ready to pair it with flowery pattens and lighter hues–you will be a beauty, looking fabulous this season!

Regardless if it is a new skinny scarf or a bolder earrings, pull our your Spring inspired dresses and shine as your most beautiful self!

      Are you ready for the new season?!

   Favorite Fashion Trend?

Happy Spring!!


Source: Ladies Home Journal

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