Winter Storm!

Winter Storm!

The Kansas weather as everyone knows is very unpredictable.  There is no denying that this has turned out to be a Winter that Wichita will never forget.  Roads have been dangerous and travel is not recommended unless necessary. Our General Manager, Dave, weathered the first round of storm and went to stores putting signs on the door!! WOW! What a dedicated employee. Below are some shots he was able to capture while out in the 1st storm.




While we were closed Thursday and part of Friday, many employees were enjoying their time with friends, family, kids and grand kids!

Dave enjoyed time with his kids and dog while sledding!!


Our Marketing Manager managed to get to Colorado and go skiing–enjoying her time on the slopes!!


Everyone BE SAFE if you must travel!! We will be keeping you updated on our Facebook and Twitter pages regarding store closings due to weather.

Do you stay inside during the winter storm?

Play outside or stay inside?

Build a snowman?

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