Goodwill Donation

Goodwill Donations

Do you ever have a rushed morning? You hurry around in a frantic to get ready, make sure to find your keys, grab your dry cleaning,  being careful not to spill your coffee all over you, and presto, out the door! We are all often consumed by our day and mindlessly drive our designated path.  Drop off kids, check! Swing by the ATM, check! Breakfast, check! In The Bag, double check!  So after dropping off items- most owners DO come back and pick up their belongings, but for some, months pass,  items are still at In The Bag, and the owners have not come back! Did they forgot? Move? Whatever the case may be– In The Bag has them! So, just what do we do with them…?

Mind you, they aren’t going to sit there for years collecting dust, waiting for the owner to come back, and they sure aren’t going to be tossed into the dumpster! So, off to Goodwill Industries {Click here} they go, they gladly accept, and often contacting us wondering when we will have MORE unclaimed inventory they can have-especially as the winter months approach!


Susie, who helped coordinate the donations,  jumped in and help as we unloaded items! Jackets, shirts, formal dresses, sweaters, tapestries and other miscellaneous items were donated.  We were able to fill up several racks!!

Goodwill Donations

This past week a few In The Bag team members loaded up a truck full of items and delivered to Goodwill Industries in the frigid cold! We are able to do this about 2 times a year. Remember, pick up your belongings when you drop them off at In The Bag or they may end up at Goodwill and have a new owner!!

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