Holiday Fashion

Holiday Fashion

Do you wonder what to wear when the holiday party invites start piling up on you? Will you be over-dressed, under-dressed or have you  tried something new and totally miss the mark? Here are some tips for women and men that will have you looking “holiday ready” this year!


1.  Sparkles, sequins and rhinestones on your blouse, scarf or shoes will add an extra punch that will take you from boring to brilliant!

2.  Ruffles add that girly flare.  Why not wear a skirt or cardigan with a little oomph!

3. Animal print can be a great time to bring out the “wow factor” a holiday party needs! Don’t be an animal and wear it head to toe but a shoe accent will make you stand out!

4. Wear RED! If you are like some women, the typical monochromatic look is safe.  Burst threw your bubble and get festive.  Hello red skinny jeans or red lips!


1.  Wear a jacket.  You will look pulled together.  Who doesn’t like to look swag?

2.  Invest in an overcoat.  Why spend the time to have the right pants, shoes and sweater to have it ruined by an old ski coat you got 9 years ago?

3.  DO NOT wear that seasonal tie or shirt.  You will look silly and out of place–unless of course it is the ugly sweater party and then your safe.

4.  Wear color.  Try something new.  Have a hot chick on your arm.  Guys have it pretty easy!



What do you wear to look FUN, FASHIONABLE, and FESTIVE!?



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