Comforter Cleaning Tips

Comforter Cleaning

One of the biggest mistakes people make in laundering washable comforters is in trying to stuff them into a too-small washer and a too-small dryer. Not only doesn’t it come clean, but you can also damage your machine and the comforter. Edges can catch and rip during the spin cycle. Comforters stuffed into a tiny dryer can scorch (or in the case of synthetics, even melt) as they press up against hot interior surfaces.

In The Bag wants to offer you some tips for comforter cleaning!

Washing Comforters: Read the instructions. Make sure to read the instructions on the tag of your comforter to figure out what materials it’s made of. If specific hand wash or temperature instructions are listed, don’t deviate from them.

  1. If you have a goose down comforter and the instructions call for a machine wash, take it to the laundromat. There, you’ll be able to use a large washing machine to ensure an effective wash. Always use cool water and gentle spin settings.
  2. Purchase a gentle detergent. Purchase a gentle detergent that is safe for your type of comforter. You should always avoid using detergents that contain bleach, as they can damage the comforter’s outer fabric and filling.
  3. Dry it. If your down comforter can be dried in a clothes dryer, choose a large capacity dryer and use the lower heat settings.
  4. Hand wash it. If your comforter calls for a hand wash, use either a large laundry room sink or a clean bathtub. When you hang the comforter to dry, make sure that you carefully drape the comforter out so that all sides dry equally. Drying on a rope line may reduce the chances that the comforter fabric will rebound.
  5. Get the wrinkles out. Once your bed comforter is dry, use an iron set to steam to smooth out any wrinkles. Make sure to check that your comforter is not sensitive to heat.
  6. Use an extra sheet. In order to avoid having to wash your comforter often, try putting an extra sheet between your comforter and you while you sleep. This method will help to keep your comforter clean, increasing the time in between washed!

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Watch this quick video as she offers a GREAT tip to re-fluff your comforter to get it back to its original shape!

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