Sweater Care

Sweater Care 

We all know if getting a pesty snag on your cardigan can ruin your day (well if you are a woman!).  Money is tight for most people, and for some, spending the extra money sometimes just is not feasible.  Keep your clothes in their best condition by simply doing some basic sweater care.  Here are a few tips and tricks that can help make simple fixes to sweaters, cardigans or knits.

Tackle Pills/Lint

  • Lightly rub a pumice stone other the sweater.
  • Wrap your hand in masking tape or transparent tape (with the sticky side out) and blot.

Get your cotton sweaters back in shape!

  • NEVER hang them to dry.  Water pools at the bottom stretching them out.
  • Always lay flat and stretch to correct size for proper drying.

Allow for Shrinkage

  • Many knits will shrink because the yarns are stretched out in the knitting process.  Make sure you launder properly.

Repair Elbows

  • Reinforce worn elbows by using like colored yarn.  Turn the sweater inside out and weave lengths of yarn through the sweaters stitchery.


  • If possible, do not hang your sweaters.  Instead, fold them.  This helps keep their shape and extend their shelf life.

Tackle Snags

  • Stick a needle into the base of the snag and thread the needle through the unwanted snag in the opposite direction.

Don’t iron double knits

  • Avoid ironing your double knitted sweaters.  Fabric will look shiny.
  • If you must iron, cover with cloth to protect it from heat and use a low heat setting.



Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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