Layering for Fall!

Layer in Style!

Layering your clothes for the colder months can sometimes be tricky.  You never want to look sloppy, messy or have to much fabric. Here are some different ideas and looks to help you make the best decisions for your transitioning wardrobe between summer and fall.

Regardless of gender, layering is going to continue to be a big influence on fashion this season. Remember these basic tips to keep you looking fresh for fall!

  • Thinner clothes first- Wear lighter fabrics under heavier layers.
  • Define the layer- If it can be worn alone, it is a good layer.
  • Keep it casual- Layering suits casual attire better than dressy.
  • Always feel comfortable-Make sure your layers are not bulky.
  • Mix in some color- A pop of color is on trend.
  • Layering is practical-Especially in Kansas!
  • Jacket not required- A jacket doesn’t have to always be the final layer.

Here is an example of a casual layered outfit!

7 Layering tips for women:

1. Mix a maxi skirt and a mini jacket

2. Pile bright colors on top of each other

3. Rock your shorts like a skirt

4. Soften leather pants with a cardigan

5. Pair an oversized sweater with skinny jeans

6. Wear a blazer & a scarf instead of a coat

7. Layer a black tee under a dress


Source: via Kristen on Pinterest

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