Stain Removal

Common Questions-Stain Removal Answers!

There is just no escaping stains! At some point you are going to spill and encounter an unexpected “oops”.  Whether it is coffee on your blouse, grease on your husband’s work pants or a grass stain from soccer practice, we have some common stain removal solutions to your every day, pesky stain problems!

Glue– Loosen by saturating with a cloth soaked in white vinegar.

Coffee– Sponge or soak the soiled item in cold water as soon as possible. Use the hottest water possible for the fabric and wash.

Tablecloths- Sprinkle with salt ASAP!

Grass– Use a digestive enzymes, which can be purchased at nutrition or health food stores. Make a paste by breaking open the tablets and adding water. Let soak and wash as normal.

Lipstick– Use prewash spray and launder.

Candle wax– Scrape off as much as possible.  Place a paper towel on either side of the material around the stain and low iron.  Use liquid detergent to wash.

Grease-Use powder or chalk to absorb as much as possible.


Fresh stains are easier to remove than old stains.

Avoid machine drying or ironing until stain is removed.

Or….bring your soiled items to In The Bag and let us knock out those troubled stains for you!!

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