Pant Care Tips


It is important to care for your pants properly. It is imperative to keep your wardrobe looking great, just as you would with your car, house, or other toys.  Proper care not only keeps clothes lasting longer but helps them look better!

Here are some important tips and ideas for proper pant care:

  • Follow the cleaning instructions on the garment label. This will save your clothes from damage.
  • Hot water will shrink rayon, wool, silk, and other fabrics.  It will also fade some colors.  Heat from the dryer may also shrink garments.
  • Eliminate clothing that has shrunk and doesn’t fit properly.
  • Treat spots and stains as soon as possible.
  • Investing in more expensive pants will last longer and the hassle of replacing cheap pants will become less frequent.

Why Maintain Your Clothing?

  1. Your clothes will look better (obviously!).
  2. Your clothing will LAST longer.
  3. It will save you money.
  4. It instills discipline.


Think of your wardrobe as an investment and you will reap benefits.  Taking proper care of your clothes will make them last longer and stretch your clothing budget.

Check out this website for other tips.

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