Hot fashion styles for Fall!

In The Bag Cleaners wont let you “fall” this season! We want to give you some fashion trends for the Fall of 2012!

In The Bag wants you to look your best this season! The year is flying by and fall is now here! This summer had some trends that will transition into fall nicely. In Kansas we know that the weather is constantly changing. Its hot, hot, hot and then suddenly cold, cold, cold! Mother nature sometimes has us wondering what clothes we should put away til the season rolls around again.

Do you stare at your closet frustrated? Here are a few fall trends this year that can easily take you from the sizzling summer heat to the crisp cool autumn air and looking fabulous! Just by simply adding layers, leggings, or boots can change a summer dress into a hip look that will keep you stylin’!

Fall Fashion DOs

  • Start wearing fall hues. (orange, red, rust and this ultra-pretty mustard yellow.)
  • Become best friends with the accessory, the scarf.
  • Layer a dark cardigan over a summery dress you just can’t put away .
  • Wear your colored jeans with riding boots.
  • Headbands, braids and hats are still “in”.
  • Fuchsia and red flatter every skin tone—and transition right into fall.

    Wear what you are comfortable in and you can rock any style this Fall!

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