Shorts Can Be Business Attire

Shorts are no longer a no-no at work. You can wear shorts on hot summer days and still look professional. Follow a few simple rules to look cool and professional.

Ladies, follow these 5 easy tips to look professional in business shorts.

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1) What Lies Beneath is Just as Important. Silk Blouses Look Great!

2) Length is Key.

3) Play With Proportion.

4) Pop With Color – No Need For Matchy-Matchy.

5) Heels Are Ideal For A Professional Look.

Dressy shorts are easy for women to weave into their wardrobe during hot months, however it is not as easy for men.

Business attire for men has not adapted shorts. Men do not have an avenue to dress up business shorts; such as jewelery and high heels. However, there are times when shorts are acceptable for men.

Business Golf Games

Casual Fridays

Casual Work Days

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Have a wonderful Summer!

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