Father’s Day Fun!

Cute frame idea

Can’t decide on the perfect Father’s Day gift or surprise? Maybe one of our ideas will help you find the perfect match! We have suggestions for all ages.

If you are trying to think of an idea for your little one, something from the heart is always best. It could be a picture, a letter or something crafty. If your dad spends a lot of time at the office, get him something that remind him of you while working hard!

-Clean his vehicle (squeaky clean!)

-A day of complete relaxation

-A week of his favorite meals

-Custom golf balls

-Photo album or you & your dad

-Surprise visit & spend some good ‘ole quality time together

-Putt-putt, hunt, fish, video games, play baseball, fly a kite (Do something he enjoys.)

-Sign up for a class together (Golf lesson or cooking class)

-Enter a competition together (Trap shooting, Bow-fishing, golf tournament)

You can also go in with your siblings to get him something big that he has been wanting.

-A new camera, iPad, television, pick-up bed lining, accessory for his boat, new grill or golf club.

The list can go on and on – it really depends on your Father and what he enjoys! Think about what he would want most —  it could be as simple as watching TV with a warm batch of cookies.

You know your Father better than anyone so do something nice for HIM!

Happy Father’s Day!!

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