One of the Largest Donations to Goodwill

Goodwill is an excellent organization – In The Bag Cleaners is a strong supporter of the Goodwill mission!

Article featured in the Goodwill Industries Newsletter.

Last month we were lucky to have Dave Coyle, team leader and owner of In The Bag Cleaners come by for a tour of our facility. The clients loved meeting Dave and showing him just what we do here!  Dave was very surprised and happy to find out what goes on at Goodwill. So much so that he decide to make a very generous donation of 3,000+ items of clothing and linens to us!  This is possibly the largest single donation of clothing Goodwill Industries of Kansas has received to date. When the In The Bag team members Buck and Patty arrived to bring the donated items, Patty shared that when she was in high school, she would ride her bicycle from Park City to work at Goodwill. She and Buck also enjoyed a tour and meeting our clients. She was amazed at all the things we do at Goodwill now that we did not do when she worked here. We are very grateful to Dave and his team at In The Bag Cleaners for this generous donation and look forward to a long relationship with them!

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