A Day to Remember

We all know at least on person that has passed while in service to our nation. Memorial Day is a day to remember and honor these people and everything they have done to ensure that we keep our freedom. Memorial Day is also a great day to thank our heroes still in uniform as well!

Here are some ways to celebrate the patriotic spirit of this day:

1. Donate to families of soldiers who are wounded or have lost their lives.

2. Observe the National Moment of Remembrance. The Moment occurs on Memorial Day, 3 PM, local time, for 1 minute. You can choose to observe this moment in any way you like. It is the sentiment that counts.

3. Visit a grave site and offer flowers to those U.S. Troops who have died in the nation’s service.

4. Plan a family reunion or Get Together. It may be as simple and informal as a backyard barbecue.

5. Plan a family picnic. Get kids to help with preparing picnic food. This is also a wonderful way to enjoy the summer season.

6. Throw an informal Grilling or Barbecue party. Throw some burgers on the grill and invite your friends over and enjoy.

7. Wear your American spirit proudly. Badges, Pins, Shirts – make it a point to wear something that shows your patriotism.

8. Make crafts with a patriotic theme.

9. Educate your kids about Memorial Day’s history and origin and the history of U.S. Military. Read to them stories with a patriotic message and encourage them to look up dictionaries and encyclopedias on the subject.

10. Have kids participate in Memorial Day parades and other such activities.

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