Employee Spotlight – Stephanie

Stephanie is our production manager for 34 employees in our cleaning facility. She has worked for In The Bag for 5 years. She loves her job because she is continuously busy & she gets to manage production with her husband, Juan. Her favorite part about working in production is ensuring great quality cleaning & customer service at our 14 locations.

When Stephanie is not working she is a busy mother of 6. Stephanie and her family enjoy bike riding, playing instruments, fishing, camping and any other activities they can do together. Music is a deep passion for Stephanie and her family. She can play the drums, saxophone, bass and guitar. They play for fun and at their church. A large majority of her and her families time is spent at the church – they are very involved.

A few items on Stephanie’s bucket list include conquering one of her fears – to preach at her church. She would also love to visit Israel! Another is to move to Mexico with Juan to live in a village in the mountains after their children grow up.

Stephanie is exceptional at her job. She is always cheerful and pleasant to work with. We are very grateful to have her on our team. Thanks, Stephanie for all you do!

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