Employee Spotlight – Dave Zimmerman

Meet our general manager of 15 retail stores, Dave.  Dave has been working for In The Bag Cleaners for 4 years. Dave is a hard worker and will get the job done right! He is the glue that holds In The Bag together. Maintenance, staffing, routes, vehicles and technical support are all some of his major roles – he pretty much can help anywhere that help is needed & find a solution! Dave’s favorite part of his job is the variety of work he does. Every day is different, with different challenges and tasks – yet he manages to get everything accomplished.

When Dave is not working he enjoys spending time with his family. He has a wife, two children and two grandchildren. Playing outside, riding bikes and visiting the park are a few activities that Dave enjoys with his grandchildren. Spending time with each other is very valuable. Dave also enjoys to cook – bierocks and grilling are his specialties. Other activities he likes include concerts, working on stuff around the house and reading.

Dave is a life-long resident of Wichita – therefore he knows all the backstreets and great places to dine. A few of his favorite Wichita restaurants include Chico’s, Doc’s Steakhouse and Hong Kong.  Even though Dave has never lived anywhere else – he truly enjoys the people of Wichita as well as living close to all of his family.

Dave is the backbone of this company. He keeps everything running smoothly – this allows In The Bag to provide the utmost care and quality to all of our clients. Thank you Dave for all your hard work each and every day!

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