Employee Spotlight – Kathy

Are you a client at our Andover store? If you are, I’m sure you have met Kathy. She has been the manager at Kellogg & Andover Road for 4 years. The wonderful customers she encounters and her In The Bag team are a few reasons why Kathy enjoys her career. Whether she is meeting clients for the first time or seeing them on a weekly basis, Kathy looks forward to seeing her clients – they brighten her day!

Kathy spends a lot of time with family when she isn’t at work. Her grandchildren and children bring joy to her life. Spending time with family  is very valuable to her.

What does Kathy enjoy doing in her spare time? Camping & fishing, gardening and going to garage sales are her favorite hobbies! They always provide something new and exciting with a twist of adventure!

Kathy’s favorite vacation spot is Las Vegas. When your in Vegas, you can’t help but smile and enjoy yourself and the company you are with! She enjoys everything about Vegas and likes to visit frequently.

Thank you Kathy for all your hard work and dedication! You take passion in your career and you take care of each client that steps foot in your door!

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