Employee Spotlight – Rhonda

Have you been to our Newton location? If you have, you’ve probably met our friendly manager, Rhonda. She has been the manager of the Newton store for 4 years.  Rhonda enjoys her customers and assisting them with a routine errand.  The smiles on their faces are the by far the best part of her job, it’s like seeing old and new friends.


When Rhonda is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and loved ones. She is a Choctaw Native American, originally from Oklahoma – she moved to Newton in 1996. She found that Newton is a wonderful place to raise children and is also a friendly community.

Rhonda loves the personal aspect of Newton and the convenience of a small town community.  In her personal time she enjoys her friends and community groups.  Rhonda’s family and faith are the most important to her.  She has three children; one daughter and two sons, a Blue Healer/Beagle mixed dog named “Trip”, and a cat named “Mouse”. She has a large extended family. Her mother and uncle have been the closest to Rhonda and have provided her the most inspiration.

Traveling has been one of her greatest pastimes and entertainment. Along with shopping, sight-seeing, photographing, writing, cooking and pow wows.  Her favorite restaurants in the Newton area are El Cerrito, The Panda Kitchen, Applebee’s and Pizza Hut.  If Rhonda were to take a vacation to anywhere, it would be The Vatican – she has never been there and would absolutely love it.

Rhonda is a motivated and strong team member of In The Bag. She takes care of her Newton community and all of her clients. If you are looking for a friendly dry cleaner in the Newton area, stop in to Rhonda’s store! You are sure to be impressed and leave with a smile. Thank you Rhonda for all your hard work and dedication!

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