Employee Spotlight – Fabi

Fabi is our store manager at 21st and Rock Road. She has worked for In The Bag since December of 2007. Fabi really enjoys the customers at her store and the responsibility she has as a store manager. The consistent schedule is also a perk,  she gets off early to spend time with her husband and son.


When Fabi isn’t in manager mode she is in mommy mode at home. Spending time with her husband, son and dog are very important to her. They love to play, learn and grow as a family. Movies, shopping, crafts, visiting the zoo and Exploration Place are by far their favorite things to do. Anything kid-friendly interests Fabi and her family. Fabi is very crafty and she enjoys painting and drawing are a few of her hobbies.

Wichita has always been home to Fabi. She knows where all the great shopping is as well as a secret little taco shop. If you haven’t tried Mr. Taco, you should check it out!

Duba, is a vacation spot that is high on Fabi’s bucket list. It is very scenic with lots of shopping and beautiful art to offer. It would be the perfect place for her and her family to visit.

Fabi is an excellent manager and we are proud to have her on our team. Thank you for all of your hard work Fabi!

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