Employee Spotlight – Barbara

Barbara has been a store manager for In The Bag for over 6 years. She loves her clients, co-workers and boss. Barbara stated, “It’s really great to have a strong relationship with so many people.” Another benefit of working at In The Bag is the hours and location of the store she manages.

When Barbara isn’t working she enjoys spending time with her family or enjoying her hobbies. Barbara loves to spend time with her husband, pets, children and grandchildren. Barbara refers to her husband as her “hero.” He is a Vietnam vet and has always been a hero in Barbara’s eyes. She is the proud owner of 2 golden retrievers named Charlie Brown and Lucy as well as a cock-a-too bird named Snoopy.  Walking the dogs is one of her favorite activities. Barbara and her husband also love to collect items from the Vietnam War. Anything they can find from that era is very important to them. They showcase her husbands’ war uniform and medals along with other Vietnam treasures. Other hobbies that Barbara is passionate about include cooking, dancing, gardening, target shooting and kickboxing. Barbara also loves to travel. She has visited a variety of states, Canada, the Virgin Islands and went on a few cruises. One trip that is on her bucket list is a trip to Australia. She would like to see the different culture and all the beautiful sights.

Barbara is dedicated to provide the absolute best customer service to her clients. She provides service with a smile and we are so glad to have her on our team! Thanks for all your hard work!

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