Employee Spotlight-Ella

Ella has been with In The Bag for three years and is one of our store managers. She really likes working with people, that’s why In The Bag is a great fit for her. Being a manager has taught Ella a great deal of responsibility and strengthened her work ethic. This opportunity has helped her gain the managerial experience she needs for owning her own business some time in the future.

Ella is currently attending Butler Community College. She wants to own an event planning business once she is finished with her 4-year degree. Ella is very independent and has gained most of her confidence from her family.  Ella was raised in a small town and would like to relocate to a larger city. New York, California or Phoenix are all places she could see herself moving to.

When Ella isn’t working or busy with school she enjoys yoga and reading. She would also like the opportunity to travel more. One of her favorite places to visit is Lake Powell, which she plans to visit again in the near future. Ella works hard to treat her clients with that extra care that keep them coming back. Great job Ella!

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