Employee Spotlight — Michelle

Have you met Michelle? She is one of our friendly Team Members! Michelle has been with In The Bag for 5 years! What does she love about her job? “I love my clients; they make me smile every day,” stated Michelle. Also the convenient location makes it easy for her to commute to work.

When Michelle isn’t working she enjoys going to the lake, walking, reading, cooking and spending lots of time with her grandchildren! Her favorite entrees to cook and enjoy are Italian and Mexican food! Therefore, she has several delicious recipes up her sleeve! Michelle loves to do anything and everything with her grandchildren!  Whether they are cooking, going to the pool or lake, playing games or making crafts she is sure to cherish each moment she spends with her three grandkids! Michelle loves her clients and her grandchildren! When she isn’t our Team Member she is the fun-loving “Nana!”

A favorite destination of Michelle’s is the mountains! She really enjoys river rafting, skiing and the gorgeous scenery! Where would Michelle like to visit? Bora Bora is definitely on the top of her bucket list! Other than Fiji, any tropical destination would be a treat in itself!

Want to know something interesting? Michelle collects angel figurines! What kind of angels? Any kind, she has a huge array of angels throughout her house! Around 100 angels are placed with grace throughout her house! It’s a niche hobby of hers!

Michelle has been a dedicated employee of ours for several years and we are thankful for all of her hard work! Stop in and see her at our Central & Maize Rd location!

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